Midnight Poison Dior Fragrances By Prouve Number 23
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# Prouve 23 Similar Fragrance to Midnight Poison – Dior


Volume : 50 ml
Fragrance : 20%

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What you’ll love him  for : seductive aura. A classic, enveloping scent of sensual roses and balsamic ambergris, with a touch of juicy citrus and herbal and earthy patchouli aromas.

What family does it come from:  chypre-wood

How it is received:  spicy, warm

What is the projection:  strong

What category is it from:  glamor

Which confirms that it’s an excellent choice:  certificate of authenticity

Fragrance architecture:

Top notes: bergamot, mandarin

Heart note: rose

A note of depth: amber, patchouli

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Weight 250 g


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