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Long lasting eyebrow pencil colour 2 COOL BROWN


Cool Brown


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Accentuated eyebrows can do a lot for you: they enhance your facial features, highlight your expression, and even make your eyes look bigger. That is why it is worth devoting some time to them every morning. Use the LONG-LASTING EYEBROW STYLIST PENCIL – it is an intensely covering, resistant to fading and smudging automatic eyebrow pencil. It adds colour, fills in and accentuates the eyebrows, ensuring a long-lasting effect for up to 12 hours. It is a perfect complement to both your day and evening make-up.

What you will love it for: for not only emphasizing your eyebrows, but also filling in the spaces between the individual hairs. High pigmentation and resistance to fading ensure a flawless look throughout the day.

What will delight you about it: thanks to its optimal hardness and contoured tip, the pencil allows a precise and even application. It only takes a few strokes of the LONG-LASTING EYE BROW PENCIL, to create the perfect line.

How to use it: Twist the pencil up and using short strokes accentuate and fill in your eyebrows, giving them the desired shape. To keep the pencil point perfectly sharp, use the built-in sharpener.

What else should you know about it: The hypoallergenic formula makes the pencil suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

TIPS: Choose the pencil shade that most closely resembles the natural colour of your eyebrows. To avoid an exaggerated effect use a shade slightly lighter than the colour of your eyebrows.

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