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Natural Lip Balm


Weight : 4 g

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How to have beautiful lips every day? Smooth, soft and moisturized, they look great, but the skin on your lips is soft and thin, so you need to take special care of them to keep them looking healthy. Our Natural Lip Balm works comprehensively – it cares for them, protects and improves their condition at any time of year.

What you’ll love it for: for making your lips look naturally beautiful in no time at all. Thanks to its rich formula, the balm perfectly moisturizes them, intensively oils and regenerates, restoring their softness and smoothness. It prevents them from cracking and drying out. It soothes irritations, brings relief to chapped lips and reduces visibility of the cuticles.

What will delight you in it: effective care and protection. The balm contains melon, castor, kukui and jojoba oil, soya and Candelilla wax and Shea butter. This composition of natural ingredients helps to restore your lips to a healthy appearance and provides protection against harmful external factors such as sun, wind, frost, dirt and air conditioning.

What else is worth knowing about it: the balm is extremely delicate, ideal for caring for dry, sensitive and irritated lips. It is suitable for women, men and children over 3 years old.

What will make you not replace it with any other: a pleasant consistency that makes it easy to melt and spread. It stays on your lips for a long time without leaving a sticky layer. And it smells good with a refreshing melon.

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Weight 4 g


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